Premium Rocky Mountain Onions

Colorado is the fourth largest producer of onions by volume in the United States with an estimated 392,450,000 pounds of onions produced in 2007.

This also makes Colorado the seventh largest producer of onions by acreage in the United States with nearly 10,000 acres.

Colorado has the ideal climate for some of the best storage type onions. Colorado onions are primarily the fall/winter storage onions and are available July through April. Available in yellow, red and white, storage onions have multiple layers of thick, dark, papery skin. Storage onions have an intense flavor and a higher percentage of solids.

Colorado’s cool, dry climate eliminates a large number of disease problems associated with warm, humid climates. The higher altitude also makes it colder in the winter months which keep insects and diseases at a minimum reducing the amount of chemicals need to produce excellent quality onions.